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Queen of Heart Raffle Rules

Instructions & Rules for The Queen of Hearts Raffle

Rules for a Queen of Hearts Raffle

1. The Queen of Hearts raffle utilizes a Queen of Hearts manufacturer’s raffle board. The board has been developed specifically for this Raffle Game and has 54 sealed numbered cards. Under the sealed cards resides a randomly placed deck of poker cards with two Jokers. A TUMBLER or similar device is used for mixing raffle tickets. Tickets must be mixed in Public View. Tickets will be sold for $5.00 each in person and $6.00 online (Includes credit card processing fees).

2. Drawing date will be Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 PM live on our Facebook Page

3. The purchaser holding the winning ticket will pick a card from the board.

4. To win the jackpot, you must pick the Queen of Hearts from the Raffle board.

5. If the Queen of Hearts is not drawn, the pot rolls over to the next week.

6. The pot will continue to build until the Queen of Hearts is drawn; this could take up to 54 weeks.

7. If the winning ticket holder picks the Queen of Hearts, they will receive the jackpot.

8. Each week after the drawing all tickets will be removed from the barrel and destroyed, and we start a new week with a new prize amount. The prize depends on the number of players.

Note: A new ticket must be purchased for each weeks drawing to participate.

Queen of Hearts Raffle Explained

Additional Payouts

2 to 10 – $25.00

K,Q,J – $50.00

Ace – $75.00

Joker = The Spoiler No Winner