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Previous Winners

A List of Winners From Our Previous Raffles

Here is where you can find a list of previous winners from our online raffles!

There are sometimes where multiple raffles are drawn in the same day and will do our best to keep this up to date!

If you missed a drawing you can always view our past live drawing videos on our Facebook page

Updated on: 02/21/2024

´╗┐Raffle Item Winner
Henry X-Series 38-357 Lana Houser
Glock 17 Gen 5 Bob Armstrong
FN Five Seven 5.7x28mm Douglas Abshire
Henry Lever Action .45-70 Brass Receiver with Large Loop Lever Donna Shoemaker
Walter Hammerli 22 LR and Smith and Wesson Victory 22 LR Brandon Fleming
Smith & Wesson Package Patti Najowicz
Kayak Package #1 Amanda Manspeaker
Taurus Revolver Package Robert Snavely
Ruger PC Carbine 9 mm Donald Welling
Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm David Lescalleet
Kayak Package #2 Scott Rhodes
Gift Card 1st- Megan Lyons 2nd - Cynthia Cease
Remington + ammo Sonny Taylor
Kayak Package #3 Staci Boward
Springfield Set Patricia Gummel
Sig Sauer P320 x 5 Legion 9 mm April Hinckle
Glock Package Brandy Osborne
Power Washer Combo 1 - Bob Armstrong 2 - Barbara Sprecher 3 - Brandy Osborne
Henry FF Rifle Brandy Osborne
Yeti Bundle (retail 900.97) 1- Kim Pile 2 - Brandy Osborne 3 - Brandy Osborne
Smith and Wesson 500 Revolver chambered in 500 Kevin Blair
Cash 50/50 Drawing Donald Welling
Holsinger's Meat Packages (3 winners) 1 - Joan Jackson 2 - Toni Connor 3 - Casey Osborne
Ruger 57 5.7x28 Jeremy Miller
Choice Raffle 1 Craig Osborne
LWRC DI in 223/556 William Reddecliff
ruger set + 100 SC Robert Rodgers
Crossbow Package Donald Morgan
S&W Package Shield 2.0 45 & 9 mm Anthony Campello
Choice Raffle 2 Cindy Reynard
Savage MSR 15 RECON 2.0 Robert Shives
Ruger Package 45 & 380 Keith Horst
Ruger 350 lgd Daphne Blair
Mason Dixon BBQ package Matt Sweitzer
S&W SD9 VE & M&P9 Shield 2.0 Denise Armstrong
bobcat fall lawn care package Fred Smith
Panzer Arms AR Twelve - 12ga Shotgun Ian Swisher
Smith & Wesson M&P40 Shield & M&P40 SC2.0 David Cullison
S&W 22 package Jason French
Gun Safe Daphne Blair
3 winner gift cards 1 - Kimberly Reed 2 - Barb Sprecher 3 - John Kenderdine
CCI/Blazer Bulk 500 rounds .45 ACP Mark Farrow
Federal Bulk 475RDS 5.56mm Elizabeth Snyder
H&K HK45C Jimmy Harden
Taurus G2C & G3 + 9 mm ammo Owen Turner
Henry All Weather Lever Action Side Gate Jayson Saling
Kimber 1911 two tone + 2 boxes of ammo Daphne Blair
ammo Dustin Dyer
Glock 17 + Glock 43 Anthony Campello
Henry + Revolver Lana Houser
FN 509C Tactical 9 mm + Ammo Martin Pitsnogle
GL AR-15 223 Wylde + Sight Christoper Sharpe
750 Clear Spring Gun Shop Gift Card Jacob Hahn
Sig Sauer + ammo Phil Ridenour
AR Lower + 100 GC Daniel Stover
Taurus M605 s/s 357 Charles Lawrence
GL AR-15 223 Wylde + Sight Frederick Schroeder
ebys lawn care Barry
Rossi + Ruger Robert Daley
FN FNX-45 45 ACP Rick Suder
S&W M&P 15-22 Pistol + Glock 44 22LR Robert Armstrong Jr
Springfield Armory Hellcat Steve Nuse
Kayak package 2021 Katie Yeager
Sig Sauer P320C RX 9 mm w/ Romeo 1 Pro Sight Josh Grossnickle
GLock 19 Consitution Model Danny Taylor
S&W M&P 2.0 Pro Series w/ cleaning + fiber optic sight Sarah Utterback
Panzer Arms 12GA + Ammo Dewey Sheaffer
Nintendo Switch Christi Collins
X Box S (1) Stephani Hoffman
Nintendo Switch with Mario Cart (2) Gail Miller
Christmas Eve- 50/50 Cash (Unlimited) Rachel Hommer
X Box S (2) Karen Kirby
PlayStation Bundle Shawn Smith
Target Giftcard (1) Mark Straley
Food Saver Package Lisa Smith
Lowes Giftcard- $200 Crystal Goodrich
Apple Airpod Pros (with MagSafe) Donald Morgan
Nintendo Switch OLED (1) Jason Updyke
Hobby Lobby Giftcard- $150 Stephani Hoffman
Pyrex Set Stephani Hoffman
January 50/50 (unlimited) Charles Lawrence
TCL 55" TV Brandy Osborne
$250 scratch off Genevieve Resh
Target Giftcard (2)- $250 Brenda Moats
PlayStation Bundle (2) Mollie Miller
Roomba 675 Jennifer Swisher
KitchenAid Cookware set Christi Weaver
Auto-ordinance liberty SE 1911 William Duley
Cricut Package Kayla Neisser
Scratch off (2) Crystal Simpson
Scratch off (3) Robert Allen
Home Depot GC $200 Susan Mummert
Scratch off (4) Steve Reynard
Scratch off (5) Dave Baer
Milwaulkee Tool Set Andrew Repp
Martin's Gift Card $200 (1) Brenda Moats
Scratch off (6) Jimmy Hayden
Scratch off (7) Susan Mummert
Scratch off (8) Steve Reynard
Toughbuilt Pair of Saw Horses Bob Armstrong
Scratch off (9) David Davis
Scratch off (10) Michael Hoffman
MGVFC Tix Package Gail Miller
Scratch off (11) Benjamin N
Disney Gift Card Lara Sheperd
Scratch off (12) Staci Boward
Feb 50/50 Kevin Blair
Kate Spade crossbody & cardholder Karen Kirby
Shark VacMop Pro w/ Supplies Lon Carson
Weis $200 Gift Card (1) Brenda Moats
Scratch off (13) Karen Jackson
Bose Headphones Joyce Mentzer
Glock 19 + ammo Jeff Cunningham
Scratch off (14) Steph Hoffman
Scratch off (15) Pam Jamison
Apple iPad Air (Wifi) (1) Brenda Moats
Apple Airpods Pro (with Magsafe) (2) Allen Jacobson
$150 Dining Package (1) Brenda Moats